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NEWSMAKERS: Neil Trent and Monique Middleton of Animal Friends of the Valleys

April 2, 2019

Animal Friends of the Valleys Executive Director Neil Trent has been making the rounds lately, visiting local city councils in hopes of persuading the cities to adopt an ordinance that will make spaying, neutering, and microchipping cats, dogs and rabbits mandatory.
Trent and Chief Animal Control Officer Monique Middleton are hoping the remainder of the cities they work with on contract — Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar and Lake Elsinore — will follow the lead of Menifee, which already has the ordinance in place.
“The numbers aren't going down,” Trent said. “There's still a lot of backyard breeders out there that are breeding indiscriminately and our animal control department regularly goes to properties that have excessive numbers of animals and they're just all breeding amongst themselves. And the result is the animals end up in a night drop, abandoned, unwanted, sometimes are in very poor health.”

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